No outfit is complete without matching accessories, and swimsuits are no exception. You can always dress up your swimsuit or cover-up with jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces. But there are even more accessories that you can wear especially with your swimsuit to polish your look, even when you’re just relaxing on the beach. When you’re wearing a bathing suit that exposes your midriff, it’s the perfect time to try on a belly chain, and they can go over a one-piece too. Belly chains are made from tarnish-resistant metals and can come with different charms that help add some fun, unique detail to your swimwear.

Sliders are decorations that you can add to your swimsuit’s straps to change up the look, and these also come in different styles, metals, and shapes. And of course, every beachgoer needs a good pair of stylish sunglasses to protect their eyes and add a bit of flair.